Restrictions International Volunteers

Nederland Cares facilitates volunteering activities for citizens of the 31 countries in the European Economic Area (other than Croatia). Citizens of countries outside of the EEA or from Croatia require a valid working permit for the Netherlands in order to volunteer. Nederland Cares can not give you this permit.

If you are a citizen of a non-EEA country or from Croatia we kindly ask you to send an additional e-mail to A list of countries in the EEA can be found here. We require you to visit us personally to provide proof of your working permit and identification before we can complete your enrollment.

Austria     Belgium     Bulgaria     Croatia*
Cyprus     Czech Republic  Denmark     Estonia
Finland     France     Germany     Greece
Hungary     Iceland     Ireland     Italy
Latvia     Liechtenstein     Lithuania     Luxembourg
Malta     Netherlands     Norway     Poland
Portugal     Romania     Slovakia     Slovenia
Spain     Sweden     United Kingdom      

* (part of the EEA but citizens of this country do require a valid working permit in order to volunteer in the Netherlands)