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Vrijwilligen in een andere stad?

  1. 16 april (maandag) 0 / 2
    Cooking with children in the Schilderswijk with Resto van Harte
  2. 17 april (dinsdag) 0 / 1
    Help migranten met het leren van de Nederlandse taal
  3. 17 april (dinsdag) 1 / 2
    Fietslessen in het AZC
  4. 17 april (dinsdag) 1 / 3
    Voedsel sorteren bij de Voedselbank
  5. 17 april (dinsdag) 0 / 2
    Wandelen met ouderen
  6. 17 april (dinsdag) 1 / 2
    Help migranten met simpele brieven
  7. 17 april (dinsdag) 1 / 2
    Sportavond begeleiden
  8. 18 april (woensdag) 1 / 3
    Voedsel sorteren bij de Voedselbank
  9. 18 april (woensdag) 0 / 3
    Voedsel sorteren bij de Voedselbank
  10. 18 april (woensdag) 0 / 2
    Kidsclub bij Buurthuis de Mussen

Cooking with children in the Schilderswijk with Resto van Harte

  1. Wanneer: maandag 16 april 2018 van 17:30 tot 20:00
  2. Waar: Buurthuis de Mussen, Hoefkade 602, Den Haag

This activity is specifically designed for our international volunteers. You can help at this location every monday.

As a volunteer for children Resto vanHarte you meet people with a variety of backgrounds. During this activity you assist with welcoming guests and serving the 3 course dinner, but the most important thing of course, is that you mingle, sit down at one of the tables and enjoy dinner together with the other guests. Do you like giving children (and their parents) personal attention and at the meantime enjoy a delicious 3 course dinner? Apply for this activity! We appreciate your help. 

N.B. With a view to our volunteers that have a busy career, the activity starts at 17:30. However, already at 14:00 we start preparing and cooking the meal. Would you like to help with that? If so, please send us an email at: info@denhaagcares.nl Then we make sure that you can lend a hand with the preparations as well. 

Target group & impact
Child Resto vanHarte in the Schilderswijk welcomes each and every child to join. With or without parents. Guests are diverse and have a variety of (cultural) backgrounds.

Resto van Harte is committed to increase community sense and solidarity. In line with this vision, Resto van Harte has opened easily accessible, welcoming eateries at community centres and support facilities for people of all ages, creeds and cultures. You will always find a warm welcome with us!

Want to help?
Would you like to help us out and join us for a 3 course dinner at Resto van Harte? Then please register below with the ‘I want to volunteer’-button. Upon receipt of your registration you will receive a confirmation mail with additional information on location and activity. Any questions? Please visit our frequently asked questions  or contact us.

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